Vespa Riders Raise € 3000 for Medical Emergency Helicopter

Chef-piloot Lieven Van Belle, Michel Boschloos en Marc Dedulle

The charity campaign "Vespa for Life" by Marc Dedulle and Michel Boschloos ultimately raised € 3000. The integral sum will be donated to the Institute for Medical Urgent Aid (IMDH) that operates the Medical Emergency helicopter in Bruges, Belgium. 'The main part of our camapign was a month-long Vespa ride of over 8000 kilometers (5000 miles) that took us through 10 countries to several international Vespa rallies' says Michel Boschloos. 'Along the way we sold stickers and emboided patches, items that were also available on our website and at Belgian rallies through 2019.'

In 2020 Dedulle and Boschloos plan to continue to raise money for charity. 'We're still deliberating on which local humanitarian charity we will raise money for.' says Dedulle, who points out that because of the ongoing nature of their actions, Vespa for Life was set up as a non-profit organisation. 'There's a big feeling of solidarity in the world of Vespa on one hand, and a need for adequate funding on the other. When we see how much we raised with simple stickers and patches, we more or less feel obliged to continue our actions.' concludes Marc Dedulle.